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  • Parting Stick/Breaker Bar
  • Parting stick/Breaker bar with hook
  • Civil sleeve no. 1
    Civil sleeve no. 1

    This sleeve will be closed by 5x velcro.

    € 105,00
  • Civil sleeve no. 2
    Civil sleeve no. 2

    This civil sleeve is closed in the lower section. On top it will be closed by 2x velcro.

    € 105,00
  • Civil sleeve no. 3
    Civil sleeve no. 3

    Using this sleeve your hand will stay in the sleeve. The sleeve has a cover for extra protection. With the cover the sleeve will last longer. We can replace the cover after a while.

    € 105,00
  • Civil sleeve no. 4
    Civil sleeve no. 4

    This leather civil sleeve is filled with filt. It's with a replaceble jute cover.

    € 105,00
  • Civil sleeve short
    Civil sleeve short

    This civil sleeve is mainly used for short protection. For example when a dog has broken out.

    € 70,00
  • Civil suit
    Civil suit

    This civil suit is made for wearing with normal clothes on top.

    We can make this suit in several colours.

    The black/white suit is normaly in stock.

    We have 2 sizes:

    maat M 70-90kg 170-190cm
    maat L 90kg + 190-200cm

    € 900,00
  • Catching stick 122cm
    Catching stick 122cm
    € 435,00
  • Catching stick 122-183cm
    Catching stick 122-183cm
    € 595,00

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