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Hanny van Nimwegen en Nicole van Dam are the owners of Dog Sport Holland.

Hanny started about 1985 with little repairs and replacing sleeves, etc. See worked with the name Hondensportartikelen Hanny van Nimwegen. The business was growing and see moved to a bigger place. Nicole started working in 1993.

We started looking for another bigger shop. And we choosed a new name: Dog Sport Holland. We moved to our current adress. 



Behind the scenes Alex is working a lot the company. With his technical knowledge and 2 right hands he is always willing to help us.

Alex and Nicole are both active in the KNPV. Alex as chief of the Department of Utrecht, General judge, tracking official and, above all, as a member of PHDC Unitas in Scherpenzeel.

Nicole is also tracking official, judge search dogs and member of hsv 't Haartje in Amersfoort, this Association is specialized in the training of KNPV search dogs.

Alex and Nicole trained both with the same dog; Sjors. And Belgian Malinois by January 2008.  Sjors graduated in 2009-2010-2011 all 12 certificates the KNPV has. In addition, he participated in the NK search dogs. He ended 5th and if so just don't get involved with the last final round. Also, he participated in the NK object security dog and was 3rd. After that Sjors left to Leeuwarden air base for work and did what he does best; working.

Nicole bought a new dog a HH bitch, Evy. Alex a HH male, Syb.

In september 2014 Alex is told he had stomach cancer and was not curable. Alex had plnned to exam in 2015 with Syb. But that was not feasible. Syb went to Chris Boelhouwer, his club-mate. Chris worked with Syb and obtained a beautiful PH1 certificate. In december 2014 Alex received the Golden pin from the KNPV.



19 March 2015 Alex died.

The enormous attention and interest we have received during the illness of Alex, but above all after his death was special. As many cards, flowers, visits etc. from all parts of Netherlands has shown us what Alex has stood for in advance to the KNPV.

While we were surprised by the condolence at home hundreds of KNPV people came over. From our own Department, but also far beyond. No Department is skipped. During the cremation the next day another plenty of interest.  Very special was the presence of Alex club. As a guard of honor were waiting for us in the room with on the end Chris with Syb. That was quite an impression.

And then you have to pick up the thread again anyway. That's what we did. Nicole is asked by the department of Utrecht.
And also training is picked up again. Malinois Mike has 3 KNPV certificates. Basiscertificaat, vlakterevieren A and puinzoeken A. She switched to another KNPV Association. PHDC Eemland in Baarn. There they are training fully PH1. 

Nicole joined the Easter game of the Utrecht Department. This is a young dog contest without water work. Here she obtained with Mike the 2nd place with 401 PTS.



Our team has been completed with someone new. Now we are working with Hanny, Nicole, Jamie. Demi en Bianca.

Nicole joined another game at PHDC Eemland in Baarn, with 418 points.

7 juli will be the exam PH1 at Treekdogs in Leusden.










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